Greetings and Welcome

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in the services I provide. After you have read about my approach to counseling and psychotherapy and want to make an appointment or have questions about how my services and approach can benefit you, please contact me at 206-323-6114. I wish you the best in your desire to make changes to enhance your life and relationships.

You Can Create the Difference that Makes the Difference

I believe the individuals and couples seek counseling and psychotherapy for one primary reason: a desire for a difference in their experiences of their lives and relationships. Thus, my primary focus is to help people (1) identify the positive differences they are seeking and then (2) develop the skills and internal capacities to make those differences a reality. For some, this involves developing new thinking and behavior patterns or learning to positively manage emotions; for others, it means treatment for depression, anxiety or other emotional or mental blocks that hamper living a full, engaged and satisfying life. What do you want to be different for yourself in your life and relationships?

Services for the Dental Profession

I have provided workshops, consulting and coaching services for the dental profession for over 22 years. If you are interested in learning more about these services and their benefits please contact me at 206-323-6114 or [email protected]