Services Provided

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual counseling and psychotherapy starts with a discussion of your current life circumstances and concerns, and identification of what you want to be different for yourself. Together you and I will discuss and develop a plan that focuses on creating these desired differences.  This can cover a broad range of issues such as managing anxiety and depression, changing relationship patterns, reducing emotional reactivity, developing positive belief systems, healing the painful residue of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, managing career- or workplace-related stress, or making difficult life decisions.


Relationship and Marriage Counseling

As a family systems therapist, my orientation is to help couples identify and change the co-created behavior patterns that are hindering their happiness and enjoyment of their relationship.  My approach is to help couples identify these patterns and then develop plan to facilitate the development of new more life-enhancing and positive patterns for relationships and communicating.  


The Power of Brain-based Therapies 

Over the past 20 years several brain-based approaches to psychotherapy have proven to be both effective and efficient in helping individuals make behavior changes, heal trauma, develop new belief systems and manage emotional reactivity.  To that end, I have been trained in and will use brain-based therapies and protocols such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), brain-spotting, coherence therapy and other derivative brain-based therapies to facilitate the therapeutic process and help you make the changes you desire.  In all instances, clients will know the thinking behind the use of these interventions and the benefits.