About Me

Professional Education

My professional education includes a Master of Science in Counseling, 2 years of post-graduate training in Marriage and Family Systems and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology.  Prior to pursuing the profession of counseling and psychotherapy, I obtained Master degrees in both Health Care Administration and Business Administration and worked as a Hospital Administrator.

Additional Education and Training 

In addition to taking the required courses for Washington State licensure requirements, I have taken and continue to take advanced courses in brain-based therapies and interpersonal neurobiology.  I am particularly interested in the practical application of neuroscience research to assist my clients in developing fulfilling and rewarding lives and relationships. 

Washington State Licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist

I am licensed by the State of Washington as a Marriage and Family Therapist under license #00001459.



I am the author of YOUR BOSS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER – Creating Autonomy, Respect and Success at Work, published in April, 1995 by William Morrow, Inc. (translated into 6 foreign languages) and RECLAIMING YOURSELF - The Codependent’s Recovery Plan, published in April, 1990 by Dell Publishing Inc., a division of Bantam-Doubleday-Dell Publishing Group, Inc.  I also contributed to 3 Hazelden Educational Publication: Talk, Trust and Feel (1989); Faces of Recovery (1989); and Working through Conflict (1990).